The Chemical Brothers Further Remixed


FurtherRemixed was a big worldwide project and a labor of love for everyone involved. It wouldn't be what it is today without the help of everyone here:

Project Leaders

Fearless Remixers

Graphic Artists

Website Credits

Special Thanks To

Mia Hill (Whirly) for emotional support

Biff (Same) for calling dubs on K+D+B, a big congrats on the engagement Biff!

Benjamin Michel (Ben_j) for not doing a Don't Think remix

Jamal Chang (Gypster) for working hard on a still unfinished Wonders remix, don't know where he went, still want to hear that thing!

Rhythm Scholar (Same) for giving us some nice tips on publicity

Hugh Wernham (Hubie) @ Hubie Sounds for doing an epic radio show for the original album launch back in July

All the rest of the wonderful or otherwise people on The Chemical Brothers forum, for posting and commenting and existing

Anyone who downloaded the album or app or anything

The Internet

Obi-Wan Kenobi


THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS for being the best band ever for twenty years and counting.

FurtherRemixed by The Chemical Brothers Forum
December 31, 2011
All Rights Reversed